In recent years, e-waste has grown faster than earlier anticipated. The producers/manufacturers like you, do not have adequate time and information regarding e-waste management. Why, then, are we here? As a division of Blue Star Company, Dublin City e-Waste has shown commendable performance in the field of recycling. E-waste, in technical terms includes all of the electronic waste such as mobile devices, computers, etc. that are discarded without any intention of reusing it.

Our team consists of the skillful experts from various technical domains, possessing exhaustive knowledge of e-waste disposal and recycling techniques. We have our own e-waste collection center and the recycling plants with state-of-the-art technologies. We feel that there is a positive correlation between waste management and economic development of your organization so we help you to achieve it. Through this venture, we satisfy our clients by providing them with a complete package of services. We feel proud to be counted among the top, reputable companies. Often, we receive a cue from our satisfied customers due to the outstanding services we provide.

From the time our crew arrives to pick up your items to the moment we hand you the final documentation, our services are basically categorized into the following parts:

Request A Pickup  – The very first thing we do is to ensure proper collection of e-waste. For this, we have a mailing service with a user-friendly interface. You are required to drop an email expecting a reply from our side within a minimal amount of time.

Process – Dublin City e-Waste, an authorized recycler, is a platform that will stop you from treating e-waste as waste and welcome the items which are technically considered e-waste. As is our moral responsibility, we encourage our customers to reduce and reuse before opting to recycle. We separate the items collected into the categories depending on their later usage, such as: destruction, remarket or recycle.

Remarket – After the destruction of useless items, the certificate is issued. If the item, by chance, is worth being remarketed, we facilitate the process and the profit is shared between our customers and our company. Generally, organizations dump their e-waste because they do not receive anything in return. Dividing the profit is an incentive for them and motivates them to recycle.

Recycle – The recycling of the items goes through the lens of a keen observation and prevents the items from being dumped into the landfills which have already exceeded their capacity. Our recycled materials are used by a wide variety of industries to produce new products. Not only this, it leads to the creation of new jobs and provides a safe planet to live on. By doing this, we are much more concerned about the safety of your data and keeping it as our priority. Thus, Dublin e-Waste provides convenient and safe commercial and residential recycling services accordingto the guidelines set by the EPA.

As we strive to shift from a linear economy to a circular economy, we recognize it is necessary for sustainability. As you stop wishing, you’ll start doing, and then contact us now.