Recycling process

Dublin City e-Waste has earned a big name as an asset disposition service provider.

We follow a multi-step process using the standard methodology which definitely will increase your return on investment by the recovery of your IT assets. Like fashion, IT instruments are also used for a few seasons and, ultimately, should be off-loaded to a recycling procedure to minimize the impact on the environment.


If you are not producing the e-waste, then it’s equivalent to recycling. But if you are producing it, then you must complete your task by recycling it since recycling restores the pre-processed condition. We carefully monitor the whole process, making you feel as the privileged customer of Dublin City e-Waste.

The process followed here is:


Firstly, we collect the e-waste from your doorstep, as per your request for our service.


Secondly, we sort the collected e-waste and then prepare a report.


As per the report, we destroy, recycle or remarket it.


Recycling is done on the basis of whether the asset is hazardous or non-hazardous, thus,keeping it from reaching the landfills.


We then provide you an option to download the report from our website once the whole process is completed.


At the end, we encourage your comments or testimonials.

We have provided a flowchart above which will help you to understand the entire process.